Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dave's Dozen: Indy Comics

Continuing my look through the March Previews (for comics supposedly shipping in May), here are a dozen indy comics that I feel are worth your attention:

Aya #1
Jalila #1
Rakan #1
Zein #1
(AK Entertainment, $2.95 ea., p. 213)

These are those Arab super-hero comics you've probably heard about. I have no idea if any of them will be any good, but at the very least they should be interesting.

Rex Libris #4
(Slave Labor, $2.95, p. 218)

Yes, James Turner uses a lot of words in this comic. But he uses so many that he ends up being very funny sometimes. Do any of you non-librarians enjoy this comic?

Wonderland #1
(Slave Labor, $3.50, p. 218)

This is yet another of those 'what happened after Alice in Wonderland' stories, but since this grows out of Slave Labor's odd Disney license it is based on the Disney version, not the original. Also, it has art by Sonny Liew, which makes it worth picking up right there.

Gold Digger #75
(Antarctic Press, $2.99, p. 222)

Celebrating 15 years of Gold Digger with a special 75th issue--which is actually #129 if you count all three series, making it the longest currently-running creator-owned & operated comic. There's actually lots of Gold Digger this month, with a new mini-series, Throne of Shadows; a new Pocket Manga collection; a Swimsuit Special; and, if you want to catch up on everything Gold Digger, a 2-disc DVD-ROM set that contains every single Fred Perry-produced Gold Digger story to date.

Tinn Man #1
(Atlantis Studios, $2.95, p. 226)

Any comic that stars a smart African-American teen girl programmer and her AI robot is worth a look in my book.

Supermarket #3
(IDW, $3.99, p. 299)

Man, but wasn't the first issue the bomb? Best thing that Brian Wood has written, I think. And the art by Kristian Donaldson was supper spiffy and well-served by the high production values. Worth the $4, I should think.

Borrowed Time #1
(Oni, $6.95, p. 311)

Guy comes back from a trip to the Bermuda Triangle to a worls that is subtlely different from the one he left. I really like these sorts of stories, so here's hoping that Neal Shaffer & Joe Infurnari do a good job.

Queen & Country #30
(Oni, $2.99, p. 314)

Tara Chase is back in comics after the two novels where her life was put through a complete wringer. Rucka's mainstream work pales in camparison to Q&C, but I guess a guy has to pay the bills.

Thrud the Barbarian #1
(Thrud Comics, $2.95, p. 321)

Brit Carl Critchlow's barbarian spoof comes to the new world. Think Groo by way of Keith Giffen (in his Trencher days) and you'll get an idea of what this is like.

That wraps up my look at indy comics. (Sorry it took so long, but work and life have been kicking my ass these past couple of weeks.) A few days ago I highlighted mainstream comics, and in a few days I'll put up my Collections/GNs picks.

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