Friday, July 27, 2007

YAFQ: Omnibuses?

Today's Yet Another Friday Question concerns the latest craze in trade collections: omnibuses, those massive collections of previously collected comics.

From Runaways & New X-Men hardcovers to Star Wars & Buffy paperbacks to massive Palomar & Locas hardcovers of L&R material, omnibuses are a great way to get a lot of material you like under one cover. Many people will even buy material they already own just for the convenience of having it in one place.

Our question for you all today is:

What new omnibus edition would you like to see published?

I'd like to see an omnibus collection of Matt Howarth's various Bugtown material. It's all one connected narrative, but it was published in so many disparate places and much (if not most) of it is out of print. I'd gladly slap down a wad of bills for a nice hardcover.

How about you?

Update: Both John Jakala & David Welsh recently addressed this topic!


John Jakala said...

Great question! I was thinking about this awhile ago after seeing the Del Rey omnibus editions at Barnes & Noble, and most of my picks were favorite manga series I'd like to see in convenient collections. To the series I listed earlier at my blog I'd also add Vagabond and Kekkaishi, two series I've been reading via the library but would love to own in convenient packaging.

For non-manga books, I'd love to see thicker, cheaper collections of Nexus.

Unknown said...

I love me some Omnibuses. The more pages the better.

Personally, I would kill for a series of post-Crisis Batman tomes, the first three or so years after the unofficial reboot.

Anonymous said...

Dykes to Watch Out For. Why no one seems interested in doing this when Bechdel's work is currentl so hot baffles me.

Steve Flanagan said...

Heros the Spartan, please, Dave. Fat chance, though!

Seth T. Hahne said...

Usagi Yojimbo, for sure. I mean, it would mean that I'd have to go back and repurchase what I already have in trade, I'd do so happily. Sakai's linework would be stunning on large and glossy print.

I'd be willing to bet that an omnibus collecting all of Mignola's work on Hellboy would be smashing as well.