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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Review: Emma

Emma vol. 1Saving the best for last in my look at recently-read manga:

William is the eldest son of a wealthy family. Emma is a former street urchin raised to be a proper British maid in Victorian England. Will they find a way to bridge the gap of class distinctions and recognize their true love?

The plot of Emma vol. 1 (CMX, $9.99) by Kaoru Mori sounds like the typical setting for yet another shojo manga. Except it's not; Emma is seinen, manga intended to appeal to young men. I find it interesting that there's an entire subgenre of manga that are essentially romance comics for boys & young men, and Emma is a stellar representation of that genre.

Mori's art and storytelling in Emma are astounding, the attention to detail, lush background, and sense of place and space all contribute to making Emma a winning reading experience.

I won't say any more of the plot so as not to spoil your enjoyment, except to mention that there are elephants...

Of course we know that William and Emma will somehow end up together when the manga finally ends; it's the journey that makes all the difference, and in Kaoru Mori's Emma it's a journey well worth making.

Rating: 4 (of 5).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Review: Dr. Slump

Continuing my look at only-from-Japan manga reading from last weekend:

On the nearly completely opposite end of the manga spectrum from Project X: Cup Noodle is Dr. Slump vols. 1 & 2 (Viz, $7.99 ea.). Created in the early 1980s by Akira Toriyama (who would later go on to produce the ultra-popular Dragonball manga), the basic premise of Dr. Slump is that scientist Senbei Norimaki creates Arale, a girl robot. Hilarity ensues.

The art, plot, characters, etc. in Dr. Slump all point to it being a comic for ten-year-old boys, which in fact was its target market in Japan. So why does Viz rate it as T for Teen? Cultural differences. Despite a certain amount of editing, there are still plenty of scatalogical and sexual references at a level that can be appreciated by ten-year-old boys but which certain segments of American society think they shouldn't be exposed to. For instance, the plot of one early chapter involves the fact that Senbei failed to provide Arale with a vagina, since he has no idea what one actually looks like.

That's not to say that Dr. Slump is all sex & poop. There's plenty of other wacky hi-jinks and flights of whimsy, puns and pop-culture references, and even an occasional insight or two. The characters in Dr. Slump are also frequently aware that they are characters in a manga and provide some meta-commentary. One favorite episode in vol. 2 has Senbei creating a reality machine: any picture placed in the machine is turned into an actual thing. Akane--one of Arale's friends--decides to place a photo of the universe inside the machine. Then Arale cuts off a page of their own manga and places it in the machine too.

As I mentioned, Dr. Slump is a manga that appeals to ten-year-old boys; but then we all have a ten-year-old boy inside of us. I'm not sure I'll want to read more than a couple of volume before it gets old, but it's a good way to regress.

Rating: 3 (of 5)

New Library Comics: Week of March 19, 2007

Here's a list of the comics we added to our library collection last week:

Blab! (Princeton, Wis.) Blab! /[Chicago, IL : Monte Comix Productions, c1986- no. 16

Centrifugal bumble-puppy. /Agoura, CA : Fantagraphics Books, 1987-1988. nos. 1-7

Horne, Joyce. A softer world : truth and beauty bombs /Vancouver, BC : Loose Teeth Press, 2006.

Jones, Keith. Bacter-area /Montreal, Quebec : Drawn and Quarterly, 2005.

Max, 1956- Hechos, dichos, occurrencias y andanzas de Bardín el Superrealista /Barcelona : Ediciones la Cúpula, c2006.

Subliminal tattoos. /Vancouver, WA : Robert DuPree, c1994- no. 2

Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: Project X: Cup Noodle

Project X: Cup NoodleThree different manga read over the weekend, each quite different from each other and at the same time the sort of comics that you just don't see being produced on this side of the ocean. I'll be spreading out the reviews over the week.

First up is Project X: Cup Noodle (DMP, $12.95).

I'd heard that one popular manga category in Japan is salaryman manga, i.e. manga intended to appeal to Japan's white collar work force. I'm not sure if Project X: Cup Noodle is explicitly a salaryman manga, but I imagine that it's close.

Adapted by Tadashi Katoh from an episode of a television program, it relates the more-or-less true story of how the Nissin Foods Corporation developed the extremely popular Cup Noodle product. During an economic downturn in the 1970s, Nissin President Momofuku Andou came up with the idea for a portable version of their popular Ramen instant noodles. He assembled a team of engineers and set them to the task.

While the manga does a good job of telling the story and presenting the facts, it is mostly absent of any sort of narrative drive or emotion. Will the engineers develop a cup design that will insulate and allow for the noodles to be cooked all the way through? Will they find a shrimp that stays red through the freeze-drying process? Will they convince a skeptical public of the superiority of the Cup Noodle, even though it costs 100 yen? The answer of course is yes to all of those questions, and the outcome is never in doubt. Despite a couple of attempts to show the home lives of the engineers, an emotional connection is never formed.

Katoh's art and storytelling is workmanlike, fine but uninspiring; it gets the job done.

I suppose that one's ultimate reaction to the story will depend on one's opinion of the role of large corporations in the capitalist system. Some will read the story as a triumph of work and ideas in bringing a product to market and creating wealth for the corporation. Others will feel a bit sad and sorry for the engineers who labor under the direction of the management, and upon succeeding are happy to receive only a salary increase.

Project X: Cup Noodle achieves its basic aims; after reading it I knew about how the Cup Noodle was developed. But as an enjoyable story experience it falls short.

Rating: 2.5 (of 5)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monkey Covers

Out the Next #1Sunday is Monkey Covers day here at YACB. Because there's nothing better than a comic with a monkey on the cover.

A golden monkey reads the news on Steve Lafler's 1987 cover to Out the Next #1.

Image courtesy of the GCD. Click on the image for a larger version.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of March 12, 2007

Casas, Mariano. Historias de Mariano : una inquietante recopilicion de algunas historias que fueron verdad y otras que no /Mariano Casas, 2006.

Cat Chow. Struggles, triumphs, and tender moments of Cat Chow : A B C. /[United States?] : Cat Chow, c2006.

Entrialgo, Mauro. Drugos el acumulador /Barcelona : Ediciones la Cupula, c2003.

Johnson, Dave. The Johnson sketchbook /[United States?] : Atomeka, c2004- vol. 1

Mackey, James T. Pfc. Ernest J. Mackey, A. F. 15343898 : 1603rd A. B. G. 1603rd M/S Sqdn. : A. P. O. 231 % Postmaster : New York, N. Y. /[United States] : A.L.F.T., c2005.

Morrison, Grant. Doom patrol : magic bus /New York : D.C. Comics Inc., c2007.

Solís, Fermín. El año que vimos nevar /Bilbao : Astiberri, 2005.

Vanyda. The building opposite /[London?] : Fanfare ; [Spain?] : Ponet Mon, c2006- vol. 1

Chris Ware Animation

Cartoonist Chris Ware animates a segment on the premiere of the new This American Life television show tonight. Don't have Showtime? Watch Ware's segment here.

(via TV Squad)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! There's still time remaining to enter TangognaT's Free Manga Contest; but hurry, entries are due by midnight the 22nd.

ITEM! Opening chapters of the comics blogosphere's favorite OEL whipping child, Avril Lavigne's Make 5 Wishes, are available as a free podcast.

ITEM! If you're at the Boston Zine Fair this coming weekend you'll be one of the first to get the new issue of Cathy Leamy's Geraniums and Bacon; if not, you'll have to wait a little while longer to order it through her Website.

I'm Back

Completely off-topic post:

I spent the last couple of days at the University of Minnesota at the CIC Library Conference: "Getting in the Flow."

The good: Meeting interesting colleagues at other institutions. Many engaging speakers.

The bad: No free time, so I wasn't able to check out any of the fine Minneapolis comic stores or the famous DreamHaven books.

The ugly: The Minneapolis weather. My cell-phone getting stolen (I hope whoever took it really enjoyed the $5 of free calls they got before I reported it stolen. You should have taken my gloves and ear-muffs, as you would have gotten more use out of them!)

Proof I was at the conference:

(I talk with my hands a lot!)

That was actually take 2. Take 1 was much better, but they had to redo it because of sound issues :(

Regular comic-related blogging will return shortly.

EDIT: Other cool thing: flying through O'Hare on the way back home, we taxied past the new Airbus A380. It's big...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Monkey Covers

Tarzan #129Sunday is Monkey Covers day here at YACB. Because there's nothing better than a comic with a monkey on the cover.

Tarzan rescues Boy from strange apes in The Caverns of Kor on the 1961 cover of Tarzan #129, painted by George Wilson.

(Standard disclaimer about rock- and club-wielding apes not really being monkeys applies.)

Image courtesy of the GCD. Click on the image for a larger version.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Coming in July from GT Labs

Levitation: Physics and Psychology in the Service of DeceptionPal Jim Ottaviani has two new books coming out in July:

Levitation: Physics and Psychology in the Service of Deception is about the development of one of the most dazzling illusions performed on stage. It has art by Janine Johnston.

Wire Mothers: Harry Harlow and the Science of Love is the story of a rogue psychologist's experiments into the nature of the mysterious emotion. It has art by Dylan Meconis.

Both books--part of a series of graphic narratives about the science of the unscientific--will retail for $11.95, and will surely be available from all fine booksellers and enlightened comic shops.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missing Manga

MangaCast's list of on hiatus/abandoned/canceled manga is interesting, and in places a bit sad.

While many of the titles are no big loss for not finishing, there's some real quality work scattered throughout the list.

We all know of course what a crying shame it is that ADV isn't publishing any more volumes of Yotsuba&! And I'd really like to read the remainder of Blue Inferior.

CPM's list is nearly as long as ADV's; I think they're out of the manga biz all together, so fans of the popular Slayers may never get to see the end of that manga.

At Dark Horse, both The Legend of Mother Sarah and Shadow Star deserve to continue; strangely enough, both Mother Sarah and 3x3 Eyes have both been abandoned twice, as they were originally being published in comic-sized floppy format back in the day.

DMP's abandonment of Bambi and Her Pink Gun is a shame, but not surprising given that the nihilistic manga had a hard time finding its audience. Maybe DMP will make enough money from their Yaoi lines to be able to publish a quality title with a low readership that can take the time to find its legs.

And then there's Viz. Even the premiere manga publisher can't seem to find an audience for many of its oldest titles, like Area 88, Bio-booster Armor Guyver, and Pineapple Army, which were all initially published in floppy back when today's manga kids were still in diapers. The real surprise though is that Rumiko Takahashi's Urusei Yatsura and Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack are on the list; when the works of two manga masters cannot continue, there is something deeply wrong.

All hope is not lost; there's always a chance that some of the missing titles may be continued, or even picked up by another publisher. This is what happened with the original abandoned manga title, Lone Wolf & Cub — after disappearing for year when First Comics folded, it was eventually picked up and finished by Dark Horse.

So let's all hope for a few resurrections!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New This Week: March 14, 2007

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 from Dark Horse. Written by Buffy creator Joss Whedon, this issue kicks off the official "Buffy Season Eight." From the preview pages I've seen, it looks like the comic will have the feel of the Buffy tv show, but with a much larger special effects budget.

In other comics:

ALC have the fourth Yuri Monogatari anthology.

Amaze Ink have the third issue of the Disney-esque Wonderland.

Archie have a new issue of Sabrina (#83).

Boom! have the second issue of Tag: Cursed and a new What Were They Thinking: Go West Young Man.

Claypool have (what I think is) the final issue of Soulsearchers (#82).

Dark Horse debut a new BPRD series, Garden of Souls.

DC have two classic reprint collections: the second volume of Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups, and Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told; a new volume of one of my new fave mangas, Emma (vol. 3); plus new issues of 52 (week 45), Fables (#58), Stormwatch PHD (#5), Superman (#660), and Wonder Woman (#5--completely redone for timeliness!)

Fanfare/Ponent Mon have the third volume of The Times of Botchan.

IDW have the final issue of Angel: Auld Lang Syne (#5).

Image have the massive Complete Invincible Library, vol. 1 HC for you big-pocket comic buyers.

Last Gasp have the one-volume manga Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, which probably would have been the Pick of the Week if I wasn't such a Buffy fanboy.

Marvel have a new Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius comic ("March Madness"); plus new issues of Blade (#7), The Irredeemable Ant-Man (#6), Punisher War Journal (#5), and Thunderbolts (#112).

Thrud have a new issue of Thrud the Barbarian (#5).

TokyoPop debut the new OEL titles, like Divalicious and King City.

Top Shelf have a second volume of James Kochalka's American Elf: Sketchbook Diaries.

Vix have the final volume of Please Save My Earth (vol. 21).

Plenty of comics to make your wallet thinner this week. Enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of March 5, 2007

Here's a list of the comics we added to our library collection last week:

Arnold, Adam. [Alpha Omega Iota] house /[Los Angeles, CA] : Seven Seas Entertainment, c2005- vol. 1

Aronofsky, Darren. [Pi] : the book of ants /[New York?] : Artisan Entertainment, c1998.

Battaglia, Dino, 1923-1983. Till Ulenspiegel /Castiglione del Lago (Perugia) : Di, 2005.

Berrio, Juan. Siempre la misma historia : un álbum de Juan Berrio /[Spain] : Astiberri, c2004.

Chauvel, David. The wonderful Wizard of Oz /Berkeley, Calif. : Image, 2006.

Christopher. Adventures from Mauretania /[United States?] : Magic Symbol ; Printed on demand by, c2005.

City life : ground floor : convention exclusive preview /U.S. : PENCILs, PAPER, ACTION!, c2005.

Cole, Jack, 1914-1958. The Jack Cole reader /Brooklyn, NY : Pure Imagination Publishing, c2006.

Dennis Cramer's Mara : 10th anniversary collection /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2001.

Fontdevila, Manel Mas mejor de la Parejita. /Barcelona : Ediciones el jueves, 2003.

Forges, 1942- Arte de am@r : cualquier parecido con tu vida en pura coincidencia /Barcelona : Ediciones El Jueves, [200-]

Geary, Rick. The invisible man /New York : Berkley/First Pub., 1991.

Georgeles, Fotis. Luna /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2003.

Hamm, Nils. Astro /Berkeley, Calif. : Image Comics, c2006.

Hidalgo, Manolo, 1967- Mudo /Madrid : Ediciones Sinsentido, c2003.

Katoh, Tadashi. Cup noodle : Kappunūdoru : the miracle of 8.2 billion served : the magic noodle : Nissin cup noodle /Gardena, Calif. : Digital Manga, 2006.

Laura. Amores locos : tres historias de amor y muerte libremente inspiradas en "Las lágrimas de Eros" de Georges Bataille /Onil (Alicante) : Edicions de Ponent, [2005?]

Lee, Jae. Shadow master : an exclusive comic based on the ultimate fantasy shooter-- /[United States?] : Psygnosis, c1997.

Marcel, Swen. David : das Spielzimmer /Koln : Mattei Medien, c2005.

Max, 1956- El prolongado sueño del Sr. T. /Barcelona : Ediciones la Cúpula, c2005.

McNeil, Carla Speed. Finder : five crazy women /Annapolis Junction, MD : Lightspeed Press, c2006.

Monteys, Albert. Lo más mejor de Tato /Barcelona : Ediciones El Jueves, 2004.

Ortega, Pavel. El Señor "K" : la verdadera historia /Barcelona : Pavel Ortega Comics, 2004.

Ortega, Pavel. Happy to eat shit /[Spain?] : Polen Comix, 2006.

Project : romantic. /Richmond, Va. : AdHouse ; London : Diamond [distributor], 2006.

Snyder, John K., 1961- Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde /New York, N.Y. : Berkley Pub. Group ; Chicago, Ill : First Pub., 1990.

Som, Bishakh K. Angel /Brooklyn, NY : Hi-Horse, c2004.

The supervillain book : the evil side of comics and Hollywood /Canton, MI : Visible Ink Press, c2006.

Vazquez, Alberto. Psiconautas /Bilbao : Astiberri, 2006.

Ware, Chris, 1967- "Jimmy" Corrigan, the smartest kid on earth. /Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics Book Co., c1999.

Ware, Chris, 1967- My new novelty library. /Seattle : Fanta-Graphics & Sons Co., [1999]

Wilber, Ron. Hells mistress /Seattle, WA. : Eros Comix, c2003.

Yaro, Kono. The sexual misadventures of Kung Fu Girl /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2003, c2002.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monkey Covers

Sunday is Monkey Covers day here at YACB. Because there's nothing better than a comic with a monkey on the cover.

An alien space ape steps out of the television on the cover to Creatures on the Loose #13, a revised (by Marie Severin) version of Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers' cover to Tales to Astonish #25.

(Standard disclaimer about alien space apes not really being monkeys applies.)

Image courtesy of the GCD. Click on the image for a larger version.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

YAMR: Celtic, etc.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, it's Celtic, etc. over on our Internet radio station, Yet Another Music Radio.

You'll find the music of Ireland, Scotland and more through Celtic, Gaelic, and other related music. The music of such artists as:
Áine Minogue, Alisa Jones, Altan, Ancient Beatbox, Angels of Venice, Antionette McKenna, Anuna, Aoife Ni Fhearraigh, Arcady, Ashley MacIsaac, Bill Whelan, Black Watch Pipes and Drums, Blackmore's Night, Bohola, Capercaillie, Carreg Lafar, Celtic Orchestra, Celtus, Cherish the Ladies, The Chieftains, Chloë Agnew, Clannad, Connie Dover, The Corrs, Cran, Danú, Darby DeVon Zimmerman, Deiseal, Dervish, Dolores Keane, Dropkick Murphys, Elyra, Emer Kenny, Emma Shapplin, Enter the Haggis, Enya, Equation, Gaelic Storm, Hevia, James Galway & Phil Coulter, John Mock, Karan Casey, Kate Bush, Keltik Elektrik, Laïs, Llan de Cubel, Loreena McKennitt, Luar Na Lubre, Lunasa, Maddy Prior & June Tabor, Máire Brennan, Máiréad Nesbitt, Máirín Fahy, Mary Black, Mary Jane Lamond, Mary McDowell, Maura O'Connell, Méav Ni Mhaolchatha, Moving Hearts, Mutenrohi, Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna, Niamh Parsons, Nightnoise, Órla Fallon, Peatbog Faeries, Pentangle, Ronan Hardiman, Runrig, Seven Nations, Shannagh, Sharon Shannon, Shooglenifty, Sinead Lohan, Solas, Talitha MacKenzie, The Tannahill Weavers, The Touchstones.

Over 100 different tracks, seven continuous hours of music. Tune in today--it's free!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Ultimates 2 vs. All-Star Batman & Robin Contest

Current shipping date for Ultimates 2 #13: 02 May 2007 (issue #12 came out 27 Sep 2006)

Current shipping date for All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #5: 16 May 2007 (issue #4 came out 17 May 2006)

Which will come out first?

Place your guess in the comments section (include your name or uniquely identifyable pseudonym).

Those who pick correctly will be placed in a drawing for cool prizes! (Must live in the U.S. and be 18 or older.)

(Contest open until I cut off comments.)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of February 26, 2007

Here's a list of the comics we added to our library collection last week:

Angeles, Rik. Opening shots. different faces, same old chases yet the mind no erases /[United States?] : The author, c2005.

The Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society and Friends hurricane relief anthology. /Baton Rouge, LA : Baton Rouge Cartoonist Society, c2005. nos. 1-2

Bendis, Brian Michael. Secret war /New York : Marvel, c2006.

Carey, Mike. Th1rt3en /New York, NY : 2000 AD/DC Comics, c2005.

Clugston-Major, Chynna. Scooter girl /Portland, OR : Oni Press, c2004.

Cramer, Dennis. Mara Celtic shamaness. Book II "Twilight" /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 1998.

Gallant, Dan. [60 years later : oh what has become of my flowering youth?] /[United States?] : [s.n.], [200-?]

Gownley, Jimmy. Shades of gray comics and stories : black & white life /Columbia, SC : Century Comics, c2006- vol. 1

Gregg, Lydia. After thoughts /[Grand Rapids, Mich.?] : Mental Note Press, c2003.

Griffith, Bill, 1944- Zippy : connect the polka dots : December 2005 - August 2006 /Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, c2006.

Hawthorne, Mike. Hysteria /Portland, OR : ONI Press, c2004- vol. 1

Hernandez, Gilbert. Luba : three daughters /Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, 2006.

Hidalgo, Manolo, 1967- Cuentos infantiles = Contes infantiles = Fairytales /Rodez : Rouergue, c2002.

Hornschemeier, Paul. Let us be perfectly clear /Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, c2006.

Jyuubaori, Mashumaro. Alice eXtreme /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 2003-2004. nos. 1-6

Kanda, Takayuki. Ludwig Van Beethoven /Carson, Calif. : Digital Manga, 2006.

Kim, June. 12 days /Los Angeles, CA : Tokyopop, c2006.

Knight, Keith. Are we feeling safer yet? : a (th)ink anthology : cartoons /San Francisco : Keith Knight Press, c2007.

Koslowski, Rich. Jim's jerky : the comic : co-starring: the 3 Geeks /Shorewood, Wis. : 3 Finger Prints, c2006.

Maedo, Toshio. Urotsukidoji : legend of the overfiend /New York : Manga 18, c2001- vol. 2

Maurus, Mike. Die wilden Fussball Kerle /Köln : Egmont, 2005- vols. 1-2

Millionaire, Tony. Sock Monkey : the "inches" incident /Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Comics, 2006- no. 1

Mizuno, Ryo. Record of the Lodoss War : Chronicles of the heroic knight /New York : CPM Manga, c2001- vol. 1

[Please touch] /[United States?] : [s.n.], c [200-?]

Reis, Erica. Sea princess Azuri /Los Angeles, CA : Tokyopop, c2006- vol. 1

Rubin, David. El circo del desaliento /Bilbao : Astiberri, 2005.

Samura, Hiroaki. Ohikkoshi : takeiteasy comics complete works /Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Comics, c2006.

Scott, Bob. Impeach Bush! /Cresbard, SD : Blatant Comics, c2006.

Siegel, Siena Cherson. To dance : a memoir /New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 2006.

Takizawa, Seiho. Who fighter : with heart of darkness /Milwaukie, Or. : Dark Horse, 2006.

Tolbert, Yul. Adventures in the superfuture! /Detroit, MI : Yul Tolbert/Timelike Line Productions, [2001?]

Tolbert, Yul. Are we on Mars yet? /Detroit, MI : Yul Tolbert/Timelike Line Productions, c2003.

Tolbert, Yul. It's the virgin commandos. /Detroit, MI : Yul Tolbert/Timelike Line Productions, c2002.

Tupper, Adam. Dane & March present the guide to everything stupid! teaser! /[United States?] : Adam Tupper, c2002.

Velveeda, D. B. Sybiana /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 1995- no. 1

Venditti, Robert. The surrogates /Marietta, GA : Top Shelf, c2005- no. 2

Veraldi, Tavi Lux. Priest brigade /[United States?] : Tavi Lux Veraldi, c2005- nos. 1-2

Veronica. An evil kitty dream /[United States?] : Ink Cloud, c2005.

Wilber, Ron. The ocelot /Seattle, Wash. : Eros Comix, 1994- no. 1

Williams, Tom. Pussy galore /[United States] : Tom Williams, c2004.

Monday, March 05, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of February 19, 2007

Here's a list of the comics we added to our library collection two weeks ago:

Abnett, Dan. Inquisitor ascendant /Nottingham : Games Workshop, 2001- vol. 2

Cannet, Hervé. Angoulême : le grand 20e /[Angoulême] : La Charente libre, [1993]

Drozd, Andrew. Coexisting /[United States?] : Andrew Drozd, c2005.

Johns, Geoff, 1973- Olympus /Hollywood, CA : Humanoids Pub. ; New York : DC Comics, c2005.

König, Ralf. Roy & Al /Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, 2006.

Martin, Sebas. Estoy en ello /Barcelona : Ediciones la Cúpula, c2005.

McKeever, Sean. Looking at the front door /[United States?] : Signal Comics, c2002.

McKeever, Sean. The Meredith club /[United States?] : Signal Comics, c2004.

Nonaka, Eiji. Cromartie High School /Houston, Tex. : ADV Manga, 2005- vols. 3, 5-8

Seuss, Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel : the early works of Dr. Seuss. /Miamisburg, OH : Checker Book Pub. Group, c2005- vol. 2

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Monkey Covers

Flash #45Sunday is Monkey Covers day here at YACB. Because there's nothing better than a comic with a monkey on the cover.

Grodd has totally p0wned Wally West on Greg LaRocque & José Marzan, Jr.'s cover to 1990's Flash #45.

(Standard disclaimer about evil intelligent gorillas not really being monkeys applies.)

Image courtesy of the GCD. Click on the image for a larger version.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Save on Manga

TokyoPop is (still) offering 25% off when you order through their online store (through March 15); use AVENGER as the coupon code when checking out (via Johanna).

Also, Amazon is having a 4 for 3 sale on certain paperbacks; near as I can tell it includes most paperbacks under $10, so any $9.99 or less manga is likely to be included (you can also mix in certain DVDs, music and magazines).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Review: Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs vol. 1

Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs 1Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs vol. 1
by Yukiya Sakuragi
VIZ Media, $9.99

Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs is probably the most charming comic about dog poo that you'll ever read.

When country girl Suguri moves to the big city with her mutt Lupin, she ends working in a pet shop after Lupin accidentally mates with the owner's breeding dog. Sheltered Suguri may be clueless about the real world, but she turns out to have a knack at dealing with dogs, and she's not afraid of dealing with their poo.

Creator Yukiya Sakuragi has a knack for creating likable characters and she draws fantastic dogs. I'm not really a dog person (though we had one when I was growing up), but even I was enchanted by the loving presentation of canines in Inubaka.

There's nothing really new in the basic plot of Inubaka, but it's done well and the dog angle really works. If you like dogs and/or good solid episodic manga, give Inubaka a shot.

Rating: 3.5 (of 5)