Thursday, November 29, 2007

New This Week: November 29, 2007

New comics arrive Thursday this week, I guess because Thanksgiving was last week? No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

Boom! have a trade collection of their rather enjoyable Talent mini. While the story by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski reads like the pilot for a television series, it's a rather good one, and the art from Paul Azaceta works well. (I reviewed issues #1, #2, #3-4.)

There's a third collection of Eric Shanower's retelling of the Trojan War, Age of Bronze. I haven't finished the second one yet, which means I'm a good-for-nothing slacker.

The first Popgun anthology is 400 full-color pages of stories from some nifty comics creators; a good bargain which some very likely good stories within.

DC have the third collection of Douglas Rushkoff's Testament, a comic which seems so tailored to my reading interests that it's no surprise that hardly anyone else is reading it; and Garth Ennis's Midnighter: Killing Machine, which I thought was good for what it was, and has art from the always-nifty Chris Sprouse.

Speaking of Ennis, he and Gary Erskine resurrect Dan Dare for Virgin Comics. (Last resurrected by Grant Morrison & Rian Hughes, so they have a lot to live up to.)

Other floppies of interest include Casanova (#11), Madman Atomic Comics (#5), Jack of Fables (#17), and All Star G-dd-amm Batman and Robin (#8)

Tons of manga this week, though not from the usual suspects (although Viz have a handful), but rather from Seven Seas, NetComics, Digital Manga, Del Rey and Dark Horse. And Fanfare/Ponent Mon have Ice Wanderer, a collection of six man vs. nature stories by the master manga-ka Jiro Taniguchi.

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