Monday, May 26, 2008

FCBM4 Day 26

It's day twenty-six of the fourth annual YACB Free Comic Book Month! It's also a holiday, so we're giving away comics to three people!

First up is Kristin Munson, whose five fave comics are:

1. ElfQuest
2. Wonder Woman
3. Top Ten
4. Kabuki
5. anything by Joann Sfar

Next is Daniel Monson, who listed his five comics as:

1. Y, the Last Man
2. Ex Machina
3. Watchmen
4. Bone
5. Sandman

And finally Francene Lewis, whose gave her five comics as:

1. Amy Unbounded
2. Finder
3. Grey Horses
4. True Story, Swear to God
5. Curses

All three, Kristin, Daniel and Francene, will be receiving copies of the trade collection of Bombaby: The Screen Goddess by Antony Mazzotta.

And for their bonus comics, they'll all get the Uncle Scrooge ashcan.

Their comics should be in the mail within a week. Enjoy!

Time is running out, but you can still send in your entry for the YACB Free Comic Book Month; details are here.

Current FCBM Statistics:
43 entries
56 free comics sent so far
5 days remaining

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to my free comics!
F. Lewis