Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gold Digger #100

I thought it worth noting that today sees the release of issue #100 of Fred Perry's Gold Digger comic. It's actually the 154th issue of Gold Digger, as there was an original four-issue mini-series and a fifty-issue black-and-white series prior to the current color series.

Gold Digger is (as far as I know) the longest-running creator-owned comic series by an African-American; and also one of the longest-running creator-owned and -created series ever--to my recollection only Dave Sim's Cerebus (300 issues) surpases it, and Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon (142 issues and counting) is in the same longevity league. Fred does all the writing and art (including color) for each issue, and it comes out (mostly) monthly. That's in addition to various side projects Fred engages in as well.

With its sprawing cast, dense backstory and mythology, and heavily-stylized art Gold Digger may not be for everybody. But if you appreciate a long-running monthly adventure comic with a singular creative vision, you may want to give it a try (There are numerous manga-sized collections available from the publisher, Antarctic Press.)

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