Friday, December 11, 2009

Creating a Kids' Comic Section the Simple & Easy Way

Over at Blog@Newsarama, Egg Embry posts:
Yesterday I spoke to Galactic Quest store owner Kyle Puttkammer... and he laid a little comic shop science on me: How can retailers be expected to have a Kid’s Comic Section in their store if Diamond will not put a Kid’s Section in Previews? It is a point I had not considered before…

My response:

1. Look for the ‘Kid Friendly’ logo next to items in Previews; order those things.

2. Order Archie stuff.

3. Order One Piece & Naruto.

4. Order Bone collections.

5. Order Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

6. Order the items listed on School Library Journal’s Best Comics for Kids:

7. Order the Johnny DC & Marvel Adventures titles.

Rack all of the above together on the shelf. Enjoy sales to kids & their parents!


Bruce Fields said...

I thought the Problem with Comics was that everyone thought they were kid stuff. Now I hear it's that they can't figure out how to sell them to kids?

Asterix and Tintin were what my parents got me as a kid.

BFIrrera said...

Also: Owly by Andy Runton from Top Shelf, the Disney books from Boom!, Amelia Rules (Renaissance), the Akiko collections (Sirius), Castle Waiting from Fantagraphics and I'm sure there are plenty of others if you look for them...!