Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tania del Rio Returns to Sabrina

Tania del Rio's run on Archie Comics' Sabrina was the best thing published by Archie, well, probably ever. However, the 'manga-fied' version of the Teen-Age Witch never really caught on with Archie fans; but despite relatively low sales her story was allowed to run its course over nearly five years (issues #58-100), a respectable run by any measure.

Now tucked away quietly in page 218 of the December Previews is Archie & Friends #152. The story "All's Fair in Love and Food" finds Jughead seeking help from Sabrina to curb his love of food. And the story is written by none other than... (as if you couldn't guess from the lead-up) Tania del Rio!

It looks like this is the classic Sabrina, not del Rio's manga-ish version, but any Sabrina written by del Rio is worth a look.

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