Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Covers - December 10

Caravan Kidd Holiday Special

The gang is dressing up for Christmas on the cover of Johji Manabe's Caravan Kidd Holiday Special (1993).

For each day of December until Christmas I'm featuring a Holiday-related comic book cover. (Click on the image to get a larger version.)

Come back tomorrow, and every day this month, for a new Christmas cover.

Just 15 more 'get-ups' until Santa!

(2010: Richie Rich Holiday Digest Magazine #1)
(2009: Pondus - Julen 2003)
(2008: Battle Vixens vol. 9)
(2007: The Bakers Meet Jingle Belle)
(2006: A Distant Soil #26)
(2005: Classics Illustrated #15)
(2004: Action Comics #93)

(Polite Dissent's 2012 Comic Book Cover Advent Calendar)
(Bully the Little Stuffed Bull's A Hanna-Barbera Christmas)

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