Friday, November 01, 2013

Amazon superiore cinquanta

Dodici by Zerocalcare
This week's bonus sales chart is the Top 50 Fumetti e Manga on this afternoon:

1. Dodici
2. Ogni maledetto lunedì su due
3. La profezia dell'armadillo
4. Jenus di Nazareth: 2
5. Il blu è un colore caldo (Kindle)
6. Un polpo alla gola
7. Jenus di Nazareth: 1
8. Una storia
9. Dodici (Kindle)
10. Asterix e i Pitti
11. Tutto il meglio di Splatter
12. La profezia dell'armadillo (Kindle)
13. Il blu è un colore caldo
14. Dryadem
15. Un polpo alla gola (Kindle)
16. Ladolescenza
17. Pillole di Jenus *
18. Swamp Thing: 3
19. L'inferno, il silenzio. Blacksad: 4
20. One piece. New edition: 30
21. One piece. New edition: 29
22. Blankets
23. L'abbraccio
24. Strangers in paradise: 1 *
25. DIABOLIK (1) - Il re del terrore (Fumetti): Il re del terrore (Kindle)
26. Bone
27. One piece. New edition: 26
28. Alan Ford. TNT edition: 5
29. DIABOLIK (178): I due Diabolik (Kindle)
30. Ritrovarsi. The walking dead: 15
31. DIABOLIK (183): All'ultimo istante (Kindle)
32. Tex. Il ragazzo selvaggio
33. Il mistero della torre Eiffel
34. Star Wars 4 (Kindle)
35. Star Wars 3 (Kindle)
36. One piece. New edition: 1
37. Anima rossa. Blacksad
38. Arctic nation. Blacksad
39. I kill giants. Zerocalcare variant
40. La principessa Rose. Bone
41. Maggio 1868. La lega degli straordinari gentlemen
42. One piece. New edition: 32
43. One piece. New edition: 31
44. La lega degli straordinari gentlemen: 2
45. One piece. New edition: 33
46. Secret invasion. Di chi ti fidi?
47. L'ultimo volo. Historica: 11
48. La spada selvaggia di Conan (1980)
49. Arkham asylum. Batman
50. Medaka box: 16

Items with asterisks (*) are pre-order items.

  • After last week's look at the comics chart from, I've decided to make a more-or-less weekly look at comics charts from around the world (for a while, at least...) This week: Italy!
  • Italian cartoonist Zerocalcare rules the top of the chart, holding the top three positions and seven of the top fifteen. His Dodeci is also #2 on the overall libri bestsellers chart.
  • As in the U.S. this week, the top French import is Blue is the Warmest Color, trumping the new Asterix volume.
  • Manga-wise, One Piece dominates the Italian chart. The only other manga on the chart is a volume of Medaka Box way down at the fiftieth position.
  • In the realm of American imports, it is mostly modern classics much as Swamp Thing, Blankets, Bone, Strangers in Paradise, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A couple of Star Wars volumes make the list (in Kindle editions), and an onmibus of Marvel's Secret Invasion does as well. Joe Kelly's I Kill Giants shows up too, with a variant cover by the aforementioned Zerocalcare.

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