Thursday, November 06, 2014

Unpacking the DC Convergence Promo Image

Early this morning, DCE released a promo image for Convergence, their two-month-long crossover event that will replace their regular publishing schedule for April & May 2015 while DC moves their publishing operations from New York to California.

It will apparently feature a variety of alternate versions of DC characters from across the Multiverse battling it out, Contest of Champions style.

Here's the image:

DC Convergence promo

(Click for enbiggening—you're gonna want to...)

Each little hexagon in the image appears to feature characters from a different reality or part of DC's publishing past.

Time to put my expansive (and mostly useless) knowledge of DC history to use!

Starting with the panel on the top with a lone Batman, they appear to be:

  • r1 p1: A Batman. Not sure which one.
  • r1 p2: AN old grey bearded guy. This panel has me stumped.
  • r1 p3: These are the Freedom Fighters and Plastic Man, characters picked up by DC upon acquiring Quality Comics. They were on Earth X pre-Crisis.
  • r1 p4: Superboy and the Legion, old school Earth 1 style.
  • r2 p1: This looks like DCU right before Flashpoint, with Renee Montoya Question and Stephanie Brown Batgirl.
  • r2 p2: This looks like the 1990s DCU, with Hal Jordan Parallax, hook-handed Aquaman, Az-Bat, and Dead Superman replacement Steel.
  • r2 p3: Pre-Crisis Earth 2 form the early 1980s, with Infinity Inc. and the Justice Society of America.
  • r2 p4: Old school Crime Syndicate, from pre-Crisis Earth 3.
  • r2 p5: Former Charlton heroes, acquired by DC, in their Earth 4 incarnation that really only appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths (and not apparently the Earth 4 from Grant Morrison's Multiversity...)
  • r2 p6: Old school Shazam Family (acquired from Fawcett) from pre-Crisis Earth S.
  • r2 p7: Just some normal people on a street?
  • r3 p1: Soviet Superman, maybe from Mark Millar's Red Son Elseworlds?
  • r3 p2: I'm pretty sure this is the Kingdom Come Elseworlds.
  • r3 p3: This looks like straight-up pre-Crisis Earth 1. Likely Flashpoint (Thanks, commenter Daniel!)
  • r3 p4: More normal people on a street.
  • r3 p5: This looks like Batman & villains from the Red Rain Elseworlds?
  • r3 p6: Old school WildStorm, with Gen 13 and Deathblow.
  • r3 p7: Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, in their pre-Crisis Earth C incarnation.
  • r4 p1: Kamandi and co., from the Great Disaster post-apocalypse by Jack Kirby.
  • r4 p2: This looks like the Brother Eye-dominated future from Futures End #0.
  • r4 p3: I can't place this one, and it's driving me nuts. Help!
  • r4 p4: (Obscured by the Big Bad's legs.)
  • r4 p5: Tangent Comics versions of DC characters.
  • r4 p6: From the far future of Morrison's DC One Million.
  • r4 p7: People standing in a field.
There are a lot of things here that I never thought we'd get to see again. Depending on how they're handled, I could be absolutely giddy come April. Or really disappointed...


Daniel said...

Only one I'd disagree with you on. Row 3 panel 3 looks like Flashpoint to me.

Dave Carter said...

I think you're right, Daniel. I didn't read much of the Flashpoint spin-offs (and those I didn't read weren't very memorable) so I didn't make the connection.

Tom Bondurant said...

I thought r1, p2 was the wizard Shazam. R4, p3 are the Justice Riders of the Old West, from the Elseworlds of the same name. Don't know why we're seeing people in fields -- they must be outstanding! :-)