Friday, May 05, 2017

Amazon Top 50 - May 5, 2017

Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 3: The Shu-Torun War
Here are the Top 50 Comics & Graphic Novels on Amazon Friday morning. See About the Amazon Top 50 Lists for more information on how this list is compiled.

1 (N). Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 3: The Shu-Torun War (Kindle)
2 (N). Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games (Kindle)
3 (N). Star Wars: Vader Down (Kindle)
4 (N). Darth Vader and Son (Kindle)
5 (N). Goodnight Darth Vader (Kindle)
6 (-4). Saga Volume 7
7 (N). Vader's Little Princess (Kindle)
8 (+9). Dragon Ball Super, Vol. 1
9 (N). Star Wars: Han Solo (Kindle)
10 (N). The Walking Dead #167 (Kindle)
11 (N). Star Wars Vol. 3: Rebel Jail (Kindle)
12 (+29). My Hero Academia, Vol. 8
13 (R). Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set
14 (-8). American Gods: Shadows #1 (Kindle)
15 (N). Star Wars: Poe Dameron Vol. 1: Black Squadron (Kindle)
16 (+3). Goodnight Darth Vader
17 (-5). My Favorite Thing is Monsters
18 (-13). Saga Book Two
19 (R). Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1: Vader
20 (R). The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (hardcover)
21 (R). Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 2: Shadows and Secrets
22 (-11). The Walking Dead Volume 27: The Whisperer War
23 (R). Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games
24 (N). Batman (2016-) #22 (Kindle)
25 (-21). Night Night, Groot
26 (-). The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (paperback)
27 (+3). Darth Vader and Son
28 (N). Star Wars: Obi-Wan & Anakin (Kindle)
29 (-14). I Am Pusheen the Cat
30 (N). Star Wars: Kanan Vol. 2: First Blood (Kindle)
31 (N). The Little World of Liz Climo: A Magnetic Kit
32 (-14). Saga Volume 6
33 (-11). Batman Vol. 2: I Am Suicide (Rebirth)
32 (-18). Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
35 (-27). Attack on Titan 21
36 (R). Vader's Little Princess
37 (N). One Piece, Vol. 82
38 (-25). Monster Musume Vol. 11
39 (N). Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation (Kindle)
40 (N). Star Wars: Lando (Kindle)
41 (-18). Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
42 (-9). The Walking Dead Compendium Three
43 (-5). Saga Volume 1
44 (+3). The Complete Maus
45 (N). Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Kindle)
46 (-26). Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 12
47 (N). Star Wars: Kanan Vol. 1: The Last Padawan (Kindle)
48 (-47). Pierce Brown's Red Rising: Sons of Ares #1 (Kindle) *
49 (N). JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 3—Stardust Crusaders, Vol. 3
50 (N). Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Kindle)

Items with asterisks (*) are pre-order items.

N = New listing appearing on list for first time 
R = Item returning to the list after having been off for 1 or more weeks

  • Before we dive into the commentary, I should probably point out that this week Marvel joined the Kindle Unlimited program, but as it is the policy of these charts to not include the Kindle editions that are part of KU (on the theory that people for the most part aren't actually buying them!) there are a lot of item that appear on Amazon's charts that have been stripped away from this chart.
  • Yesterday was Star Wars Day, and Amazon had a big sale on Kindle editions on a ton of Star Wars collections. They dominate the chart this week (along with a handful of print editions as well). Twenty-Two of the slots in this week's Top 50 are taken up by Star Wars titles.
  • A handful of non-Star Wars items debuted as well: The Little World of Liz Climo magnet kit, the new One Piece volume, a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure volume, and Kindle editions of the latest issues of The Walking Dead and Batman.

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