Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New This Week: June 29, 2005

Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is Penny & Aggie #1 by T Campbell and Gisele Lagace--yes, it's an Alias book. I really liked Campbell & Lagace's now-defunct Cool Cat Studio, so I have high hopes for their new project, which appears to be told in the form of Sunday strips. (There's also an online comic, but this print version I think is all-new material.)

In other comics:

About comics have a new issue of Nat Gertler's Licensable Bear (#2).

Antarctic have the second issue of Oz: The Manga.

Ape Entertainment have Go Go Gorilla & Jungle Crew Summer Special--you can't go wrong with monkeys!

Checker have a trade collection of the old Topps X-Files comics.

DC debut the Moore/Moore/Repion reworking of old British super-heroes that no one else remembers in Albion #1. There's a trade collection of Matt Wagner's Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity; an eigth collection of Lucifer; the Authority Lobo Spring Break Massacre one-shot; and new issues of City of Tomorrow (#3), Hellblazer (#209), JLA Classified (#9), The Losers (#25), The OMAC Project (#3), Planetary (#23), Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight (#3), Solo (#5), and Wonder Woman (#217).

Del Rey have the first volume of a new manga series, Perfect Day for Love Letters (sounds like Shojo!); and the latest volumes of Negima (vol. 6), Othello (vol. 4), and Wallflower (#4).

FC9 have the debut issues of Genie and Hell, Michigan. Yes, there really is a town named Hell here in MI. We also have a town named Paradise--sort of balances it all out.

Hyperion have the first volume of Disney's W.I.T.C.H. manga (although mine arrived last week...)

IDW debut Angel: The Curse and have the second volume of The Complete Jon Sable, Freelance.

Image have Jimmie Robinson's Avigon: Gods & Demons GN.

Kenzer & Co. have a new issue of Knights of the Dinner Table (#104).

Kyle Baker Publishing have the debut of Kyle Baker's Nat Turner biography.

Marvel have the debut issue of X-Men: Kitty Pride: Shadow & Flame (Paul Smith art!) and new issues of Machine Teen (#2) and Runaways (#5).

Viz have the seventh volume of the second edition of Fushigi Yugi.

Plenty of good stuff this week. Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just flipped through the Penny & Aggie book, and it looks like all reprints of the web comic. (And they're not Sunday strips, but colored daily strips.)

I'm disappointed by it. P&A is a great comic strip to read online, but that format doesn't translate well to the collected book format (for me, at least). Also, the colored versions in the book seem a lot more cartoony than the black and white online strip, which isn't the right feel for it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint but the "Penny and Aggie" mini-series (4 book) is a collection of the online version... with the exception that it's colored and printed on some pretty nice stock I might add.

As for the artwork looking cartoony, well, issue #1 collects the first two storylines ever done and the art was more cartoony at the beginning of the series.

To avoid confusion, book 1 collects "Best of Enemies" and "The Mockingbird". Book 2 collects "Crush'd" and "Last Days of Summer". Book 3 collects "The Ticket", "Weights" (which has yet to be seen on the web - drawn by Amy Mebberson) and some Sunday strips. Book 4 collects "Uptown Girl" (a 48 strip storyline - is running as we speak on the web) and "Omega Wolves" (a short piece drawn by R.K. Milholland).

Penny and Aggie will continue online after these books are out and we may collect future storylines as well.Hope this clarifies things.

Thanks for the support, it's greatly appreciated.

Gisele Lagace (too lazy to log in)
artist on "Penny and Aggie"