Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of March 19, 2007

Here's a list of the comics we added to our library collection last week:

Blab! (Princeton, Wis.) Blab! /[Chicago, IL : Monte Comix Productions, c1986- no. 16

Centrifugal bumble-puppy. /Agoura, CA : Fantagraphics Books, 1987-1988. nos. 1-7

Horne, Joyce. A softer world : truth and beauty bombs /Vancouver, BC : Loose Teeth Press, 2006.

Jones, Keith. Bacter-area /Montreal, Quebec : Drawn and Quarterly, 2005.

Max, 1956- Hechos, dichos, occurrencias y andanzas de Bardín el Superrealista /Barcelona : Ediciones la Cúpula, c2006.

Subliminal tattoos. /Vancouver, WA : Robert DuPree, c1994- no. 2

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