Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So just a couple of days ago I was thinking that it was odd that Scott McCloud's Zot! was out of print. With his popularity as the creator of Understanding/Reinventing/Making Comics, it seemed a natural to make his seminal, highly praised work available again.

And then lo and behold, this week's PW Comics Week shows up, and Zot! is being reissued, in its entirety, as a massive 576-page volume collecting the black and white issues.

On the downside, while the first ten issues were originally in color, they will be in black & white in the collection (the remaining issues were originally in black & white). On the plus side, $23 for the entire Zot! saga is a fantastic bargain on some great comics.

Edit: Unfortunately, the collection will not contain the first ten issues that introduced the characters. While these issues were perhaps not as strong as the later issues, they form the basis of the series and what came after (fortunately for me I already have the original trade collection of the first 10 color issues!)

Start saving your pennies for summer 2008!

(As a service to the comics community, I will now start to think really hard about another lost Eclipse classic, Larry Marder's Beanworld...)

(Edited because I misread an important part of the announcement article!)


Chip said...

Unfortunately, the first 10 issues will not be part of the collection.

Dave Carter said...

Gah, I somehow completely misread that part of the announcement!

bob said...

Larry Marder's been dropping hints about a return to Beanworld (reprint and new material) in the near future for the past few months, actually.

Unknown said...

I can remember picking up the first issue of this when it came out because I had a friend nicknamed Zot.

I haven't seen him in well over a decade but I still reread the complete run of this great series on a regular basis.

Thanks for letting us know in advance about this reissue. Too bad the first 10 issues aren't being included.