Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tara Tallan and Galaxion

this is what happens when you let engineers run looseSequential Tart's Donielle Ficca interviews cartoonist Tara Tallan, whose sci-fi comic Galaxion is on its third iteration, now as a Webcomic on Girlamatic.
The best thing [about working on a web comic] is having no costs other than my art supplies – and instant world-wide distribution, for them that wants it. Self-publishing in the 90's was more or less a zero-sum game for me. I didn't lose money, but I can't say I made a lot of money either. On the web, I can still tell my story and still reach lots of readers (though there will always be those that for one reason or anther simply don't want to read comics on their computer), but without the money issues! Also, by the time I'm ready to collect all this stuff into a graphic novel, I'll have done half the work by already having established a fan base. Not all web readers will buy, of course, but it's a decent head start over trying to sell something sight unseen.
I was a fan back in the day, and was disappointed when the regular comic version disappeared. I'm looking forward to when Tallan gets enough of the new version completed to release a paper-based collection. (I just don't like to follow long-form works online.)

(This is the sort of 'other avenue' that I was referring to previously.)

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