Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Manga Mental Meltdown

An amusing anecdote:

The other day I grabbed a volume of Lone Wolf & Cub off the shelf, went to the bookmark I had placed in to save my place several weeks ago, and started reading.

As I read, I had two thoughts: 1) It wasn't making much sense; and 2) it all seemed vaguely familiar.

I was over twenty page into the story before I realized that I was reading it backwards! Recall that Dark Horse published Lone Wolf & Cub in flipped (left-to-right) format, instead of the typical right-to-left format that's used for most translated manga these days!

It made much more sense when I started reading it in the correct direction.

(Well, it was amusing to me...)

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Anonymous said...

One publisher sent me a review copy of a book that was photocopied, and I read the entire thing backwards. Sadly, it didn't make much more sense when I read it in the proper order.