Saturday, February 13, 2010

About that Smallville Episode

An episode of the long-running Smallville, written by a DC Comics scribe, directed by one of the show's stars, and featuring a classic DC character.

No, not "Absolute Justice." That was something of a train wreck.

Instead I refer to last night's episode, "Warrior." It was written by Bryan Q. Miller (recent scribe of Batgirl & Teen Titans), directed by Allison Mack, and featured the return of Zatanna in a supporting role.

And it was a good deal of fun.

The plot involved a cursed comic book that turned an eleven-year-old kid into an adult super-hero (shades of Captain Marvel). While Clark & Zatanna try to find the comic and restore the kid to normal, Chloe crushes on the new hero in town. Oh, and Lois Lane dresses up as both a Storm Trooper and Xena at the Metropolis Comic Con.

One of the themes of the episode was that you need a bit of whimsy in your life and not be so serious all the time; a lesson the show itself could stand to learn. If only Smallville were this much fun more often, it would be a much better show.


Unknown said...

I came across your blog by coincidence and what puzzled me was the fact that since the beginning of december you`ve used the covers of seven different norwegian comic books. Is this just a coincidence ?
The reason why I ask is that Norway has never been famous for it`s comic book industry and it`s just been the last 10 years or so that there have been monthly comic by norwegian creators like Frode Ă˜verli and Nemi. Jason is the big exception.

with regards

Stavanger, Norway

Dave Carter said...

Must be a coincidence. Either that, or Norwegians really like monkeys! :)

Fronge said...
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