Friday, February 19, 2010

What If There Was an Anniversary, But Nobody Threw a Party?

2010 marks DC Comics' 75th Anniversary, but you wouldn't know it by anything the company is doing!

Back in 1985, DC made a big deal out of their 50th anniversary, designing a special logo; launching Who's Who; and of course running the big Crisis on Infinite Earths mega-crossover, the comic that set the template for big company-wide crossovers for the next 25 years.

But for #75? Nary a peep!

Chalk it up to several factors, including a management shake-up and also running into the tail-end of Blackest Night, which started back in 2009.

But there some obvious things that could be done, such as marking Brightest Day as the big 75th Anniversary series.

Also, Superman #700, Batman #700, & Wonder Woman #600 will all be coming out within a few months of each other in 2010. Your big three characters, all with anniversary issues, in your 75th anniversary year? That should be an opportunity too big to ignore! A big, massive three-part epic written by Geoff Johns and/or Grant Morrison (or your new writer JMS), drawn by Jim Lee, staring Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman? That would be like printing money.

(Of course, since DC refuse to do a Sugar & Spike reprint project, we know that they must hate money...)

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