Friday, May 07, 2010

FCBM6 Day 7

It's day seven of the Sixth Annual YACB Free Comic Book Month!

Our next selected entry is from Jon Cox. The five comics that Jon likes are:

1. Stumptown
2. Watchmen
3. Scott Pilgrim
4. The Sixth Gun
5. Asterios Polyp

And his other thing of interest is Lost.

For Jon I have the first issue of Chynna Clugston & Ian Shayghnessy's Strangetown, plus I'm throwing in the first issue of Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison & Sean Murphy.

For Jon's bonus comic, I'm sending him the Popeye Halloween comic.

Jon's comics should be in the mail within a week. Enjoy!

There's still time to send in your entry for the YACB Free Comic Book Month; details are here.

Current FCBM Statistics:
14 entries
24 free comics sent so far
24 days remaining


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