Friday, May 07, 2010

Will Free Comic Book Month End Up Being Free Comic Book Week?

As of this morning I have only seven entries for this year's Free Comic Book Month. Which means that, if I don't get any more in today, we'll be stopped at one week.

Interest in FCBM has been going down over the past couple of years, most likely due to the fact that I do a lot less posting these days.

In 2009 at this point I had 16 entries, and ended FCBM with exactly 31 entries (after a bit of begging near the end).

In 2008 I already had 31 entries after seven days!

The good news for you is that if you enter now, you're pretty much guaranteed to get free comics (in fact, everyone who has entered from year 2 onward has received free comics!)

Entering is easy; you just have to send an email with your five favorite comics and one more thing of interest, and I attempt to match you up with a comic you'll like. Details are here.

It really is free.

So don't delay; enter today!

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