Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New This Week: June 8, 2010

What should you look for at the comic shop tomorrow? I'm glad you asked!

Dark Horse has a hardcover omnibus collection of the three Blacksad stories by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. I read the first two stories when they were published previously by iBooks; they are pretty good anthropomorphic noir stories with some gorgeous art.

I Box have the first volume of Stardrop, a sci-fi comic by Thieves & Kings creator Mark Oakley about an alien princess hiding out on Earth. I remember reading a preview of this a few years back (perhaps in an issue of T&K?) and it was quite enchanting.

Batman #700 is the first of this month's 700th anniversary issues (with Superman & Wonder Woman following). Written by Grant Morrison and stories drawn in turn by Andy Kubert, Tony Daniel and Frank Quitely. I'm sure the Quitely-illustrated story will be worth the price of admission alone.

I enjoyed the first two issues of John Byrne's Star Trek – Leonard McCoy: Frontier Doctor series. The third issue is out this week; they're all done-in-one stories covering McCoy's time with the Starfleet Medical Corps in between the end of the original series and The Motion Picture. If you enjoy classic Trek, give it a look.

Superman/Batman: Finest Worlds collects three two-issue stories written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson. All three are more-or-less imaginary stories. The first, feature a Li'l League that finds it's way to the regular DCU, is a hoot, and the others are good too. You probably missed these in the comics, so now you have a second chance.

Those are just a few of this week's new comics; you can find the complete list over at ComicList.com.

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