Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stats Week: The Ten Most Popular YACB Posts

Here are the ten most popular posts here at Yet Another Comics Blog since May 2010 (when Blogger started offering in-house stats for blogs):

Quick First Issue Reviews
I review several comics, including Gødland #1, which was pull-quoted for the trade collection

Quick Superman & Batman Reviews
I give middling reviews to several DC comics, including the final issue of Chuck Austen's notorious JLA arc.

Quick Comic Reviews
I review the second issue of We3, the first issue of Authority Revolution, and an issue of Azzarello & Lee's Superman run.

The Most Popular Graphic Novel in All the Land
It's Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules, which I took a photograph of a Borders window display.

Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. The Thing
Who doesn't like to see Bruce & Ben throw down?

Friday Night Fights: Olive Oyl vs. Popeye
Olive pops Popeye one.

The Many Costumes of Wonder Woman
My overview of Wonder Woman's costume changes through the years.

Quick Comics Reviews
I review random issues of Adventures of Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

The Sixth Sign
The apocalypse was nigh upon us in 2004, when William Shatner won his first Emmy award.

Amazon Top 50
No idea why this particular list compilation from August 2010 is so popular.

The first four are an order of magnitude in popularity above the others; I suspect they are coming up often in Google image searches...

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