Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Teen Detectives

Newsarama has the story that NBM is doing comics and graphic novels of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. (Link via Thought Balloons)

And cool beans, they've got Lea Hernandez doing the art for The Hardy Boys! I'm so there--though I'll undoubtedly wait for the trade. I'm unfamiliar with Sho Murase, who's doing the art for Nancy Drew, though she has a manga-esque art style that's probably a smart way to go.

I'm very surprised that they're even bothering to release The Hardy Boys as a comic first. I predict that the trades will do moderately well in bookstores, but that The Hardy Boys comic will sell very little in comic stores, and thus the whole thing will be deemed a failure by the myopic direct market-focused Internet comic book intelligentsia.

I read some of the old Hardy Boys books as a kid, but was never a huge fan, although I do have fond memories of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew television series. Now if someone ever does an Encyclopedia Brown comic, then I'll be really excited...

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