Saturday, August 28, 2004

Around the Horn

A look at what's being discussed around the Comics Blog-o-sphere:

At Highway 62, Matt dissects the recent ICV2 interview with Marvel publisher Dan Buckley, pointing out how seemingly clueless Marvel seems to be about any sort of new paradigm growing in the world of the comics biz.

Rampage (and just about everybody else...) looks at the complex variant cover incentive plan for New Avengers. Marvel seems to think that this will keep orders for issues 2+ from dropping, but I suspect instead that it will supress orders for #1...

Tim O'Neill has begun an in-depth look at Oni in the same way he recently wrote about AiT/PlanetLAR.

Ron Freeman says that sometimes even a Superman comic drawn by Curt Swan can be unreadable.

Brian Hibbs and Peter David have a lively discussion.

Dorian Wright brings us Space Lincoln!

Mike Sterling presents us with The Seven Deadly Harveys, deliciously ruining childhood memories in the process.

And finally, poor Steve Lieber gets no respect.

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