Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Here's a Great Comic You Can No Longer Get

So DC puts out a press release saying that Ex Machina #1 is sold out. Within said press release they go on and on about all the positive press the book has received and how great it is. Which when you stop and think about it is pretty strange. Nyah-nyah, we put out a great comic, and now you can't get it any more (though they do end with "still may be available in comic book stores.") One would think that they'd use the occasion to announce a trade collection or a reprint or something.


L0N said...

Saying your comic has sold out has become a marketing tool to get people to pick up from the shops before its gone. And its an easy way to attract some free attention for comics that dont have a lot of juice behind them.

I see the effect at the comic shop I manage

Dave Carter said...

How many copies of #1 do you have left in your store?