Monday, April 10, 2006

Dave's Dozen: Mainstream Comics

Each month I go through Previews to highlight twelve items worthy of attention in three categories: Mainstream Comics, Indy Comics, and Collections/GNs.

First up for the April Previews (comics supposedly available in June) are the following dozen mainstream comics picks:

Superman Returns: Krypton to Earth
Superman Returns: Ma Kent
Superman Returns: Lois Lane
Superman Returns: Lex Luthor

(DC, $3.99 ea., p. 67)

Ordinarily these comic book prequels are inconsequential, but with the team behind the movie involved with the stories, I image that, while not essential to the movie, these ought to be interesting.

Superman/Batman #27
(DC, $2.99, p. 69)

With new writer Mark Verheiden coming on board, perhaps this book will become readable. At least with guest art by Kevin Maguire it'll look great.

DCU: Brave New World
(DC, $1.00, p. 77)

Only Uncle Sam (Palmiotti, Gray & Acuña) & The Atom (Simone, Byrne & Scott) really interest me, but for a buck it'll be a good way to sample things.

Secret Six #2
(DC, $2.99, p. 86)

I haven't seen an issue of this yet, but I'm putting my faith in Simone to give us a ripping good yarn. Plus, so far those covers by Karl Kerschl look fantastic!

Solo #11
(DC, $4.99, p. 87)

It's a shame that this series is ending, but beore it does we get a whole issue by Sergio Aragones! Will there be a Bat Lash story?

Casanova #1
(Image, $1.99, p. 136)

Matt Fraction & Gabriel Ba bring us international action in glorious 2-color. Hot damn! This has got to be my pick of the month.

Sabrina #77
(Archie, $2.25, p. 233)

Tania del Rio continues to bring us one of the best OEL manga titles out there; don't believe me? Johanna says so too! And you don't have to wait 6 months between installments like you do with some other publishers...

Eternals #1
(Marvel, $3.99, p. M33)

Neil Gaiman & John Romita, Jr. Who cares what it's about? (Which is a good thing, because the solicitation copy is darn near content free...)

Nextwave #6
(Marvel, $2.99, p. 56)

This comic will be staying far, far away from Civil War--right? I'd much rather have samurai robots than super-heroes angsting.

Look for the other two parts, Indy Comics & Collections/GNs, sometime soon.

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