Friday, April 21, 2006

Spidey Saves Your Teeth from the Green Goblin

I was going to write up a post about how my simple trip to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday turned into 3-hour ordeal, but it ended up sounding too whiny.

So instead, here's the cover to an AIM toothpaste giveaway comic starring Spider-Man!


RedheadFangirl said...

I swear, they always find something at the dentist when I go for a cleaning! The last time I had to have the full set of x-rays, which are done every 3-5 years. I told them "I don't want to that for another 5 years" because the bite wings make you gag!

Matthew Guerrero said...

My dentist when I was five years old gave out Return of the Jedi toothbrushes. I brushed with black suit Jedi Luke for a full year.
Now the dentist only gives out hurt and novacaine (too much of one and not enough of the other). I feel your pain.

Bill D. said...

Wow, I had that Spidey comic! In fact, I do believe it was one of the first comic books (possibly even the very first) I ever owned.