Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New This Week: October 18, 2006

Based on the NCRL list for this week's comics shipping from Diamond, here are a few things to look for at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is Thieves & Kings Presents: The Walking Mage, a colorized collection of Mark Oakley's Webcomic featuring Quinton the Mage. At $10 for 64 pages it's a bit on the pricy side, but well worth it I should think.

In other comics:

AD Vision have the eighth Cromartie High School volume.

Antarctic have this year's Gold Digger Halloween Speecial, and a new issue of Ninja High School (#143).

Boom! have another of their re-dialoged What Were They Thinking comics, Monster Mash-Up (featuring more than one story re-written by comics blogging funny guy Kevin Church).

DC have the eagerly anticipated Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC OGN; the third New Teen Titans Archive; a new Birds of Prey collection: The Battle Within; a Showcase Presents phonobook collection for Challengers of the Unknown; the Morrison-penned debut issues of the rebooted Wildcats (Jim Lee art) and The Authority (Gene Ha art); the return of Warren Ellis's Desolation Jones (#7) with by Danijel Zezelj ; and new issues of 100 Bullets (#77), 52 (week 24), Birds of Prey (#99), Catwoman (#60), Checkmate (#7), Exterminators (#10), Hellblazer (#225), Shadowpact (#6), and Testament (#11).

Fanfare/Ponent Mon re-offer Jiro Taniguchi's Walking Man, which if you haven't read yet you really should.

Image have new issues of Casanova (#5), Elephantmen (#4), Noble Causes (#24), and the debut of Tabula Rasa.

Lobrau have a new issue of Toupydoops (#4).

Marvel have a new Ultimate Fantastic Four collection (Vol. 6: Frightful); the debut of the new Amazing Spider-Girl comic; the debut of the Dabel Brothers' adaptation of Anita Blake, Vmapire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures; and new issues of Blade (#2), Runaways (#21), X-Factor (#12), and X-Men: First Class (#2).

Oni have a new issue of Queen & Country (#31).

Thrud have the fourth issue of Thrud the Barbarian.

Which wraps up another week of new comics. Enjoy your stack!

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