Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just One Week Until FCBM3!

Next Tuesday will be May 1st, and longtime readers of this blog know that May is Free Comic Book Month! Just like the two previous years I'll be taking your lists of favorite comics and matching you up with a comic I think you'll like. Look for details on Monday the 30th.

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Nancy said...

Hi. I've just discovered your blog tonight and hope to spend a lot of time exploring it. Also, my Japanese husband and I just started a blog where we translate and discuss the classic shojo manga "Poe no Ichizoku" by Moto Hagio. It's a complex and poignant story about a family of vampires who travel through time. Please stop by and leave comments--we'd love for this groundbreaking manga-ka to gain a much wider audience outside of Japan, and eventually want to translate as many of her works as we can (currently very little is officially published in English)