Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New This Week: April 4, 2007

Based on the NCRL, here are some comics you may want to look at picking up at your friendly local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is the debut of Mike Allred's Madman Atomic Comics from Image. It's super-heroes the fun pop-art way!

ADV have the tenth volume of Cromartie High School.

Antarctic have a new issue of Ninja High School (#148).

Boom! have Fall of Cthulhu #1 (actually the 2nd issue, since it started with #0 last month).

Dark Horse have the second issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Season Eight.

DC have collections of Paul Dini's Batman: Detective, Harvey Pekar's American Splendor: Another Day, Jonah Hex, vol. 2: Guns of Vengeance, and Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy; a Showcase Presents volume for Legion of Super-Heroes; the debut volume of the Time Guardian manga; and new issues of 52 (week 48), The All New Atom (#10), Detective Comics (#831), Jack of Fables (#9), Jonah Hex (#18), Justice League of America (#7), Justice League Unlimited (#32), Midnighter (#6), Supergirl and the Legion (#28), and Superman (#661).

Del Rey have a ton of manga, including the latest volume of Genshiken (vol. 8).

Dynamite Entertainment debut their new Savage Tales comic.

IDW have a new issue of Fallen Angel (#14).

Marvel have Joss Whedon's debut on Runaways (#25); and new issues of Hulk and Power Pack (#2), The Immortal Iron Fist (#4), The Irredeemable Ant-Man (#7), and The Punisher (#46).

Oni have the third issue of Maintenance.

Vertical have the sixth volume of the Buddha paperback edition.

Villard have the Elk's Run GN, finally completing the comic that was cursed through two different publishers.

Viz have a ton of manga, including the first volumes of Dragon Drive and Millennium Snow.

Lots of good stuff. Enjoy your new comics!

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