Monday, April 09, 2007

Unofficial Top Shelf Week

This will be an unofficial Top Shelf Week here at YACB. Because:

A) On Friday I received a large package of review copies from Top Shelf. I reviewed one (Tales from the Farm) earlier today, and hopefully will get to at least a couple of the other books before the week is out.

B) This is Top Shelf's Tenth Anniversary, which you can read about over at CBR.

C) In conjunction with their 10th anniversary, Top Shelf is having a rather sizable sale, with many cool books at just $3 or $1, and discounts on many of their other books as well. I can highly recommend 2 Sisters ($10), and recommend Big Clay Pot ($3) and The King ($3) if you're pondering what to buy, and there's plenty of other good books at cheap prices as well.

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