Thursday, May 31, 2007

FCBM3 Day 31 part 4

It's day thirty-one of the third annual YACB Free Comic Book Month, and I'm giving away free comics all day long!

Today's fourth selected entry is from Derek Brown. The five comics that Derek says he likes are:

1. Green Lantern
2. Action Comics
3. Amazing Spider-Man
4. Justice Society of America
5. Astonishing X-Men

For Derek I have the kick-off issue to Marvel's other big event, the space-opera Annihilation Prologue #1, by Keith Giffen, Scott Kollins & Ariel Olivetti.

Derek's bonus comic is Star Wars Legacy #0.

Derek's comics should be in the mail within the next week. Enjoy!

Current FCBM Statistics:
48 entries
95 free comics sent so far
0 days remaining

1 comment:

raistlinsghost said...

Thanks a lot for the comics. Can't wait to get them.

Is w00t! too old school anymore?