Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New This Week: May 31, 2007

New comics on Thursday this week, so let's take a look at what might be good at the local comic shop tomorrow:

The Pick of the Week is Action Comics #850. The "anniversary" issue by Kurt Busiek concerns Superman's trip to the 31st century in search of Supergirl, and features art by the new Supergirl penciler Renato Guedes; which if you've seen Guedes' character studies for his upcoming gig on the Girl of Steel should leave you excited to see more.

In other comics:

Dark Horse have new collections of Conan (vol. 4), Fear Agent (vol. 2), and Penny Arcade (vol. 4); a new edition of the second Gunsmith Cats volume; and new issues of Hellboy: Darkness Calls (#2) and Usagi Yojimbo (#103).

DC have the first trade collection of 52; and new issues of Amazons Attack (#2), Blue Beetle (#15), Countdown (#48), Hawkgirl (#64), and Justice Society of America (#6).

Del Rey debut the new manga My Heavenly Hockey Club and have a new volume of Negima (vol. 14).

Dynamite bring back The Boys with issue #7, and have a collection of the first seix issues as well.

Houghton Mifflin have the paperback edition of Fun Home. (I would have named it the Pick of the Week, but I'm assuming that most of you have already read and appreciated it in hardcover; if not, now's the time to pick of one of the best comics of 2006.)

IDW have a new issue of Fallen Angel (#16).

Image have the final collected volume of Girls (vol. 4) and new issues of The Freshmen (vol. 2 #4) and Negative Burn (#11).

Marvel collect Alan Davis's Fantastic Four: The End into a spiffy hardcover; and have new issues of Daredevil (#97) and New Avengers Illuminati (#3).

Viz have several mangas, including a new volume of Nana (vol. 6).

Once again there's plenty of good comics to be had this week.

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