Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey DC, Where's My Love Syndicate?

Over at Gad Sir, Comics!, Steve Flanagan reminds us of the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld, an alternate version of the JLA featured briefly in an issue of Grant Morrison's Animal Man. Little is known of the Love Syndicate, except that is featured heroes such as Sunshine Superman, Speed Freak, and Magic Lantern. In other words, a world with a 'hippie' JLA.

At least one Internet denizen has attempted to extrapolate a history of Dreamworld (confusingly interspersed with a history of an 'Earth-17') which adds in forgotten DC properties Brother Power the Geek, President Prez Rickard, and the 'Emma Peel' version of Wonder Woman to the mix.

So somewhere amongst the 52 worlds of the New Multiverse I'd like to think that Dreamworld is one of them. If looks like we won't be getting a Countdown Presents the Love Syndicate mini, even though I would totally buy such a thing. But with Morrison writing Final Crisis, we can hope that maybe Sunshine Superman and his pals will be making an appearance.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

If Capt. Carrot can have Earth-26, then there should be room for a LSD Earth

Steve Flanagan said...

The most important tying about Dreamworld? Sunshine Superman must always wear sunshine yellow pants. In the (oh-I-wish-it-was-real) animated cartoon, he is voiced by Barry White, while Speed Freak is Grace Slick and Magic Lantern is Roger McGuinn. It's a rock opera, of course.

Adding I-Ching Diana Prince to the Love Syndicate is a great idea. But there are lots of others I'd love to see on Dreamworld: the Hairies, Scooter, analogues of the Forever People, Ding Dong Daddy and the Mad Mod, Angel and the Ape...