Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New This Week: October 24, 2007

What looks good at the comic shop this week?

The first collection of Buffy season 8, The Long Way Home, was supposed to hit stores last week, but looks like it'll be arriving this week instead. I'm sure all hardcore Buffy fans already picked up the floppies, but you'll surely want a sturdy trade collection to put on your shelf and loan to all your friends, right?

(What did arrive last week, and I missed it in the NTW write-up, was Jason Shiga's Bookhunter, which so far is my favorite graphic novel of the year. It's a procedural set in a library in a slightly alternate 70s. If you've read anything by Shiga before you know you'll want to read it; if you've never read anything of his, Bookhunter is a great place to start.)

She-Hulk fans get a double dose this week, with the fifth trade collection, World Without a Hulk, collecting the end of Dan Slott's run as writer, and issue #22 featuring Peter David's debut.

Also in trade collection this week is the second Jack of Fables volume; IIRC it features more of the sexy evil librarians, which makes it worth picking up right there.

Floppy-wise you might enjoy the Gold Digger Halloween Special 2007, a new issue of Casanova (#10), the second issue of Andi Watson's Glister, or a new issue of X-Men First Class (#5). (And you might overlook Velocity: Pilot Season #1, but it has art by Kevin Maguire so that's likely worth a look.)

Enjoy your new comics!

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