Thursday, January 12, 2012

DCnU: New Series, Cancelled Series

USA Today reports that a new wave of DCnU titles will be debuting in May:

Batman Incorporated, continuing the pre-DCnU Batman story by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham.

Dial H, once again updating the 60s classic, this time written by novelist China MiƩvelle

Earth 2, featuring the Justice Society set on a parallel Earth, by James Robinson & Nicola Scott.

World's Finest, featuring The Huntress & Power Girl from Earth 2 but stranded on Earth 1, written by Paul Levitz with alternating arc drawn by George Perez & Kevin Maguire.

G.I. Combat, a war book with two rotating features each issue. Some of the features include "The War That Time Forgot" by J.T. Krul & Ariel Olivetti; "The Unknown Soldier" by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti & Dan Panosian; and "The Haunted Tank" by John Arcudi & Scott Kolins.

Ravagers, a Teen Titans spin-off by Howard Mackie & Ian Churchill.

And because apparently the publishing slate of the DCnU is now a zero-sum game, six titles from the initial wave are being cancelled:
  • Blackhawks
  • Hawk & Dove
  • Men of War
  • Mister Terrific
  • O.M.A.C.
  • Static Shock
Sad to see O.M.A.C. cancelled, as that was a fun series. A shame to see the two comics starring African-American men cancelled. Also a shame to see only one female creator among the new wave of titles (though I haven't yet seen an announcement of who the artist on Dial H will be; Brian Bolland is touted as the cover artist, but I can't imagine he's doing interiors...)

Of the new titles, I'm enthusiastic about the first four, and will probably pick up G.I. Combat to see if the back-ups are good enough to make me overlook the J.T. Krul-written lead story. I have no interest in Ravagers.

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