Monday, January 02, 2012

Section Zero Returns as a Webcomic

Section Zero, the turn-of-the-century comic by Tom Grummett & Karl Kesel originally published by Gorilla Comics (via Image), has returned as a Webcomic on Kesel's Mad Genius Comics site. After today's opening salvo of a five page prologue they'll be publishing three pages of previously published comics every Thursday, and when they are caught up with the old stuff (three issues worth) they'll have all new material ready to go.

From the press release:
What can readers expect in Section Zero? “Oh, prehistoric creatures that won’t stay extinct, albino alligators in the New York City sewers, the usual,” Kesel says. “I just wrote a pretty intense scene with a troll, and we’ve got something coming up set in the most chaotic, out-of-control place on earth— a kid’s daycare center! But the thing I’m most excited about is— well, when we started Section Zero I made a big deal that it took place in real time, that the characters aged. And I’m sticking to that. So after we post those first three issues there’ll be a solid black splash page with just the words ’12 Years Later…’ And I know it sounds strange, but that gap has only made our comic stronger and better. It made very clear to me what the story is really about.”

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