Friday, March 04, 2005

Spider-Girl Contest

I somehow ended up with an extra copy of the second collected Spider-Girl volume, Like Father, Like Daughter. So what the heck, let's have us a little contest. My stupidity could be your gain!

Set in the future of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Girl is the story of young May Parker, daughter of Spider-Man Peter Parker, who takes up her father's crime-fighting mantle. Volume two collects Spider-Girl #6-11, in which Spider-Girl battles Ladyhawk, the Kingpin of Crime, Mr. Nobody, Crazy Eight, and her own parents! It's old-school super-hero action in a modern vein.

To enter, simply email me your pick for which actress you think should play May "Spider-Girl" Parker in a Spider-Girl movie or tv show. Also include a brief paragraph as to why you think that actress is a good choice. I will choose the winner based on which entry I think is the best.

Deadline is Noon EST on Friday March 11 (one week from today). Due to postage costs, only U.S. and Canada residents are eligible. The decision of the judge (me) is final. Only one entry per person.

So come on, go ahead and enter. It's quick and easy, and you could win a free graphic novel!

Edit: Thanks to uber-cool blogger Johanna, I now have a copy of the first collected Spider-Girl digest for the contest as well. That means that the winner will receive a copy of the first two Spider-Girl digests containing the first 12 issues of Spider-Girl (#s 0-11).

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