Monday, March 14, 2005

Spider-Girl Contest, Part One

It's time now to go through the entries for my Spider-Girl contest. As you may recall, I asked readers to submit their choice for an actress to play May "Spider-Girl" Parker in a film or television version of Spider-Girl, with the winner getting copies of the first two Spider-Girl digests.

Judging on this contest is by me and is completely subjective, based on my reaction to both the suggested actress and the reason given. There were seventeen entries in all, and I find myself wishing I could give out multiple prizes. Alas, despite the many good entries, only one can win.

Throughout the day (assuming that Blogger cooperates...) I'll be posting all of the entries I received, and in my final post today I'll announce the winner (ah, the suspense!)

So without further delay, here are the first batch of entries for Who Should Play Spider-Girl:

Martin's choice is What i Like About You star Amanda Bynes. Martin writes:
I think Amanda Bynes should play May Parker. I haven't seen much of her work (only Big Fat Liar), but I thought she had that Toby thing going for her. She could be very comical, but at the same time really fit the 'teenage' girl persona. She was born in 1986, which makes her age approriate for the role (19).

Two people, Jim & Brandon, both chose Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman. Jim writes:
I say this not knowing anything about Spider-Girl, as I have never read it. My entry is based completely on the fact I think her age is about right from what little I know of the Comic, and she has a big enough name to get people to notice the movie yet is still not superstar enough to make it a star driven movie. I really think with these comic movies, the best ones are the ones that are story based, the worst are the ones that are star based. (DD and Catwoman sucked, X-men and Spider-Man were good, others vary in between them.)

I knew a lot of people that went to see Catwoman just to see Berry jump around in a skimpy outfit, which I think would turn off the number of women that would go see the flick. I don't think they would happen with Portman, as she is not such a sex symbol, hopefully not turning away the female audience.

Also, she has shown she is willing to do a comic movie with V. So, I guess some of how good of an idea this is depends on how good that movie is...

Brandon writes:
Okay, she's in her early twenties, but she can still play young. Give her a hair cut and she looks the part. The Star Wars movies show she can put up with special effects, which is always a plus for a superhero movie. Most importantly, she can act. So, she could handle the action AND the drama and could look the part.

Scott's choice was Jessica Biel, who recently starred in the comic book movie Blade: Trinity. Scott writes simply:
Why? Come on, just look at her. She's like a goddess or something.

Rick's choice is Hilary Duff, who starred as the title witch in the comic book movie Casper and Wendy. Rick makes the observation:
Little girls want to be her, little boys have crushes on her, and middle aged men wish it wasn’t so creepy when they had "those" kind of thoughts about her.

Our last choice for this segment is from Richard, whose choice was Jennifer Love Hewitt (who starred in the comic strip movie Garfield). Richard writes:
Ron has told me that when he draws May he has the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt as the model. So I'd go with her as the choice.

That wraps up our first batch of entries for Spider-Girl actresses. Interesting choices, but alas not everyone can be a winner. Stayed tuned for part two of our four-part run-down in a couple of hours or so...

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