Friday, March 25, 2005

Two Short Things

Thing #1: I think I'm finished with JMS's Amazing Spider-Man. It wasn't the "Sins Past" story that did it to me, but rather the just completed "Skin Deep," which was boring boring boring. I think he's run out of things to say about Spidey. I had already planned on stopping the floppies and moving to trades, so I haven't pre-ordered any further issues, but if I continue at all at this point it'll be because the public library gets a copy of the trade.

Thing #2: Speaking of the public library, I returned the massive tome of American Elf: James Kochalka's Collected Sketchbook Diaries this morning, after having read about 10% of it. On the one hand it's a pretty amazing achievement: five years of daily journal entries in comic strip form. On the other, that's something like 1800 comics about Kochalka's mostly mundane life. I think I got the jist of it from the amount that I read. I can see why many others would like this so much, but it's not for me, and I've got huge stacks of other comics stuff to read.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy it when people review things they *aren't* into as well as their favorites. Thanks for trying out new things.

Nik said...

I'm still hanging in on ASM, mainly because i'm such a Spidey geek I've collected it more or less nonstop since #229 or so more than 20 years ago. That said, JMS does feel like he's running out of steam. I wish they'd get Dan Slott or someone else on board.

As for the Sketchbook Diaries, me, I love 'em, but I think they read best in small doses -- a few pages at a time. Reading them all at once definitely got to be too much for me. But it's one of my favorite recent comic works.

Chris said...

I'm done with ASM for six issues because it's being infected with the New Avengers disease.

I'll be back onboard after the next six issues.