Monday, March 14, 2005

Spider-Girl Contest, Part Three

Welcome back! We're now in part three of our run-down of entries for our Spider-Girl contest. (See part one and part two.)

I really liked the choices made in this batch, and honestly any one of them could have walked away with the prize. But alas it is not to be.

Isaac's choice is Christina Ricci (who has previous comic book movie experience in Casper). Isaac writes:
Christina Ricci is the best-suited actor to play May Parker. She has the youth, the build, the snarky outlook, and the chops. She will be able to pull-off the self-doubt/optimist combo in a way that a more traditional beauty might not, and at her age she better fits the profile of the character.

Luke opts for The L Word's Mia Kirshner. Luke writes:
Although she's 30 years of age, she'd still make a great Spider-Girl b/c of her young appearance. In addition, she plays a very strong character in The L Word who is conflicted with her sexuality. This could easily allow her to capture the character of Spider-Girl in a movie, strong willed but conflicted with her sense of responsibility and the pressure of living up to her father Spider-Man. She carries with her a lot of personality and acting range, which today's actresses closer to Spider-Girl's age, sorely lack. The picture I sent has her with short hair similar to Mayday's, all she'd have to do is add a little bit of muscle. It took Tobey Maguire 4 months to take his flabby form and shape it into a chilsed Spidey, I think Mia can handle it too!

Bill's choice was Wonderfalls star Caroline Dhavernas. Bill writes:
She's probably too old to be a convincing teenager (not that that's ever stopped TV casting people before), but she can pull of the right mix of strength, charm, wit, vulnerability and a quality I can only really describe as "Raaaar!" needed to make Spider-Girl work. Plus, killer smile and exceptionally pretty eyes. Not that you'd see that behind the mask, but it'd make the Mayday Parker scenes all that much better.

Lee chose actress Claire Danes. Lee writes:
I feel our actress should be recognizable, but not overly achieved. Someone who relates to those of us with mortal failings and trappings yet can display the introspective strength deserved by the character. I believe Claire Danes (Best known for television's My So Called Life and the 90s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet) would make a marvelous May Parker. Identifiable to many in their early twenties, it has been some time since she found a role to fill comfortably, and this would be a great opportunity for her to be introduced to a new audience. As May Parker her awkward charm and grace along with strong feminine traits could really shine. Much like her male counterpart she could make those less sure believe with great acting (as the 'Spider-Man' movies have proven action is truly second to the story and those involved) and rally any gender to support a thoughtful heroine.

A contestant identifying himself as Brainiac Five made the choice of actress Schuyler Fisk. B5 writes:
She's the appealing young actress who played Colin Hanks' girlfriend in the under-rated movie Orange County. She doesn't look like the character as drawn in the series by a longshot, but with her red hair she'd easily pass for MJ's daughter, and looks more like an actual teenager than a young supermodel. Above and beyond her appearance, she can actually act and, just as she was able to take a teen movie love-interest character and make her three-dimensional, would be able to root the character of Mayday Parker in an emotional reality that would make the rest of the film work around her.

Our last choice for this segment is from Martin, whose choice is Christy Carlson Romano. Martin writes:
My choice to play May Parker is Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of TV's Kim Possible. She has experience with the type of character, a young athletic (but brainy) heroine, and enough of a physical resemblance to pull it off as well.

That wraps up this third segment. If you've been keeping track, you know that there are just two more entries left. Who will walk away with the grand prize? Check back in a couple of hours to find out!

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