Thursday, December 29, 2005

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! The WCBS-TV piece "A New Golden Age of Comics?" is remarkable primarily because it is edited so as to eliminate a consistant narrative and undermine the points that it is trying to make.

ITEM! Beleagured Alias Comics puts out a press release last week trumpeting the release of Victoria's Secret Service #1 this month--too bad it doesn't actually ship from Diamond in December.

ITEM! When a classic geek band and a seminal surreal comix artist get together, the results have to be good! Kim Deitch animates a short music video for They Might Be Giants with "Trees" (click on the link that says 'Dallas'). (via FLOG!)

ITEM! My Holiday Mix over on Yet Another Music Radio was a big hit. I mean huge! Who knew people would like my eclectic blend of Christmas music so much? But all good things must end, so I've put up a new mix: 2005 Favorites, featuring nearly 3.5 hours of some of my favorite tracks from the past year. Stop by and give a listen when you get a chance.

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