Wednesday, December 28, 2005

YAFL: Semifinal Results

Results of Semifinal Playoff Games:

1. Power Pack 62
5. Inferior 5 plus 6 62

2. Nine Pound Hammers 53
6. Danger Unlimited 87

(Inferior 5 plus 6 advances on the basis of the 1st playoff tie-breaker: most touchdowns scored.)

Results of Consolation Games:

3. Kickers Inc. 73
7. Tomorrow Syndicate 34

4. B.P.R.D. 86
8. 52

Next week's games (final games of the season):

Championship Game:

5. Inferior 5 plus 6 (8-7-1)
6. Danger Unlimited (9-7-0)

3rd Place Game:

1. Power Pack (11-4-1)
2. Nine Pound Hammers (11-5-0)

5th Place Game:

3. Kickers Inc. (10-6-0)
4. B.P.R.D. (9-7-0)

7th Place Game:

7. Tomorrow Syndicate (7-9-0)
8. (7-9-0)

Good Luck to All!

In my other fantasy leagues I had a pretty good week: I won the consolation bracket in my public league with a 57-45 victory; and scored a respectable 314.20 points in my Pass & Kick league (still in last place though). I didn't do so well in my Basketball league, losing 2-6 to remain in 7th place (25-37-2).


Rick Jones, really said...

Ha, ha! That's what I call peaking at the right time. After moving into the last part of the season losing, losing and, yes, losing again, my guys come through strong for the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually feeling pretty cocky for making it to the championship after an 0-6 start.

Now I just need to win to garner all that adulation, self-satisfaction, and you know, the cash & trophies.