Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Super Covers Week: Hitched!

Continuing our week-long look at Superman covers, today's theme is Hitched: Superman Takes a Bride!

Superman: The Wedding Album

Of course, all true Superman fans know that Clark & Lois finally tied in knot in 1996's Superman: The Wedding Album. But this wasn't the first time that the happy couple got married...

Action Comics #484

Back in 1978, Clark & Lois got married for the first time--the Earth-2 versions, that is--in Action Comics #484. Note the Daily Star building tucked into the corner (and the corresponding Daily Planet globe on the previous cover). A great cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

Action Comics #836

The Earth-2 wedding of course was also the theme to the recent Action Comics #836, the Infinite Crisis crossover.

Action Comics #206

But seemingly, Superman & Lois just couldn't stay away fromthe alter before then either. Here we see teh happy couple on the cover of Action Comics #206.

Lois Lane #86

But Superman wasn't always a willing participant in his own nuptuals. Check out the all-wedding issue of Lois Lane #86, as Lois has to scheme to get her man to the altar.

Lois Lane #15

Lois Lane #15 has to be my favorite wedding cover: Not a Dream! Not a Hoax! They are Not Robots!

Lois Lane #108

The weddings didn't always go off without a hitch though. Like in Lois Lane #108, where Superman really should have worn his tuxedo...

Action Comics #567

Or Action Comics #567, where their wedding in the park is interrupted by, um, some random blonde woman.

Lois Lane #128

Sometimes the wedding ends in tragedy, as in Lois Lane #128. Hmmm, maybe they shouldn't have invited Death to the ceremony?

Action Comics #143

And then there are the times when Superman marries someone besides Lois, like in Action Comics #143.

Superman #120

Or in Superman #120. Making Lois be a witness? That's just cruel!

The Adventures of Superman #574

And finally, sometimes Supes is so busy he doesn't even realize he's gotten married, as seen in The Adventures of Superman #574.

That wraps up our tour of Super Weddings! Come back tomorrow for more Super Covers!

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