Thursday, July 27, 2006

YACB Bulletins

ITEM! Kevin Smith discusses his involvment in the early stages of the Superman Reborn movie on YouTube, complete with Spanish subtitles. (warning: language)

ITEM! Do you find the idea of a 'beaty shop quartet' a capella group consiting of four drag queens to be funny? If so, then you'll probably enjoy the music of The Kinsey Sicks. I caught them on CBC's Just for Laughs and was pleased to find a bunch of free songs and vids on their Website. (warning: occasional language)

ITEM! Sommer Browning is an aspiring librarian and an aspiring cartoonist. Check out her comics on her blog: Asthma Chronicles (warning: language, sex, drug use, etc.)

ITEM! Over at Lying Media Bastards, Jake Sexton has an article about his first trip to Comic Con. Jake is not a comic book person, but he is an observer of larger media culture. So he has some interesting comments such as:
Most amazing to me was the number of indepdenents, comic book creators who aren’t affiliated with the top (and seemingly only) comic companies. I wonder if those guys sell enough to make ends meet. If so, it makes compelling evidence for micro-media: instead of a few companies producing media products for millions, we can have thousands of creators making media for an audience of thousands, or even hundreds.

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