Sunday, July 30, 2006

Super Covers Week: Monkey Covers

What do you get when you combine Super Covers Week with Monkey Covers Sundays? You get Super Monkey Covers! Because there's nothing better than a Superman cover with a monkey on it!

Superboy #76

Superman and monkeys have been forever intertwined. It started early, when as Superbaby young Kal-El encountered Beppo, a Kryptonian monkey who stowed away on his rocketship.

Superboy #183

Superbaby totally owned monkeys, defeating gorillas to become the mighty lord of the jungle.

Adventure Comics #196

But as he got older and became Superboy, he found his simean foes getting tougher too. He'd have to battle the giant Kingorilla...

Adventure Comics #219

And he totally got showed up by Chandu, a gorilla with x-ray peepers just as good as Kal's.

DC Super Stars #12

Even alien monkey creatures wouldn't leave the Boy of Steel alone!

Superboy #172

And when you beat one super-ape, there's always another in line to take you on.

Action Comics #238

Somehow Clark managed to survive those youthful monkey encounters and grow up to become Superman. But that didn't mean the end to his monkey troubles. It just meant that the monkeys became even more deadly, like King Krypton, the Super-Gorilla!

Superman #324

Or the greatest super-foe ever: Titano, the Super-Ape! He's a giant ape with Kryptonite vision!

Superman #138

Remember kids: King Kong is only make-believe, but Titano is real!

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #84

That Jimmy Olsen--what a punk! He arranges a fight between Titano and Godzilla just to make a movie, and then doesn't even lift a finger to help his supposed pal.

Superman #127

Jimmy should take a clue from Lois Lane. See, this is why Lois wins pulitzers and Jimmy is forever stuck as a cub reporter.

Supergirl #4

Even Superman's friends find themselves vexed by monkeys from time-to-time. Supergirl faced off against the mind-controlling Gorilla Grodd.

Superboy #53

In the future, the post-Crisis Superboy fought talking gorillas.

Adventure Comics #295

Even poor Bizarro wasn't immune. Bizarro-Titano has blue Kryptonite vision. Bizarro Titano?! I love comics!

Finally, what could be better than Superman fighting giant apes?

Superman Annual #11

Superman becoming an Ape! And fighting a Giant Robot Ape! Pure genius!

That wraps things up for today. Super Covers Week was only meant to cover a week, but I ended up skipping a couple of days, so we'll be spilling over a bit into this next week as well.

(standard disclaimer about giant apes and super-powered gorillas not really being monkeys applies)

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