Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Review: Pirate Tales #1

Pirate Tales #1Pirate Tales #1
Boom! Studios, $6.99

Pirates, so they say, are the new zombies. And thus it makes sense that the company best known for its Zombie Tales anthologies would put together an anthology devoted to Pirate Tales.

As with most anthologies, it's a mixed mag. The most visually interesting story here is "The Walk," with each page being both a panel of the story and a section of the deck of the pirate ship. Unfortunately the story by Joe Casey (who is always hit-or-miss for me) doesn't do much for me. "Wolf on the Wave," by Johanna Stokes and Julia Bax, puts a female spin on an old-school pirate tale; and John Roers & Lee Carter's "Namesake" gives us a tale of modern-day high-seas piracy.

My favorite story of the lot is the last one, "Rum & Inspiration." The art by the always wonderful Fabio Moon is great as expected, and Christopher Golden turns in a solid story of pirates in a bar, with a twist at the end.

In all, another solid outing from the team at Boom!

Rating: 3 (of 5)

(A review copy of this comic was provided by the publisher)

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