Monday, January 22, 2007

New Library Comics: Week of January 15, 2007

Here are the comics we added to the library collection last week:

Bilder zum Text. /[Germany?] : [s.n.], [200-?]

The bizmar experiment : bunnyinsectzombiemonkeyalienrobot-- : 6 elements, 17 stories. /San Diego, Calif. : Young American Comics, c2003.

Boots in "Someone to love!" /[United States?] : [s.n.], [19--]

Brown, Chester, 1960- Ed the happy clown. /Montreal : Drawn and Quarterly Productions, 2005. nos. 2, 4, 7, 9

Burgoon, Charles. Charles Burgoon's Epidermolysis bullosa narcissus. /Coldwater, MI : Ghost Train Press, [200-?]- vol. 1

Cicerone, Michelangelo. Introducing the kid konjurer Wizzah! : a free comic book day mini comic! /[Dearborn, Mich.?] : Michelangelo Cicerone, c2005.

Corby, Bob. Adjustable /Columbus, OH : Back Porch Comics, c2005.

Cuti, Nicola. Spanner's galaxy /New York, NY : DC Comics, 1984-1985. nos. 1-6

Estep, Joanna. Jungle love /[United States?] : Joanna Estep, c2005.

Gregg, Lydia. Cannibulimic : incomplete rejection /[Grand Rapids, Mich.?] : Mental Note Press, c2003.

Gregg, Lydia. Chimera /[Grand Rapids, Mich.?] : Mental Note Press, c2005.

Gregg, Lydia. Morning on the inside : a waiting-room read /[Grand Rapids, Mich.?] : Mental Note Press, c2004.

Hansen, Lance Christian. Don't cry /Philadelphia, PA : KettleDrummer Books, c2006.

Holton, Emily. Osoyoos /[Toronto?] : Emily Holton, c2003.

Kobayashi, Makoto, 1958- What's Michael? /Milwaukie, Ore. : Dark Horse Comics, 1997- vols. 10-11

Macisaac, Steve. You can tell us anything /[California?] : Steve Macisaac, c2001.

Mineshaft. /Brattleboro, VT : Mineshaft, c1999- no. 18

Morse, Scott. Noble boy /Emeryville, Calif. : Red Window, Inc., c2006.

Palm, Marc. Quasioctix /[United States?] : MonsterHead, [2005]

Palm, Marc. The reclusives /[United States?] : MonsterHead, [200-?]

The return of the bizmar : 13 more bizarre tales of bunnies, insects, zombies, monkeys, aliens and robots! /[San Diego, Calif.?] : Young American Comics, c2003.

Rich, Jamie S. 12 reasons why I love her /Portland, Or. : Oni, 2006.

Rowntree, Winston. Bush vs everyone! : George W. Bush dies on every page! /[Toronto, Ont.?] : Virus Comics, c2004.

Steiner, Elke. Doc + Doctrix im Hochmoor : ein 24-Stunden-comic : 10.11.2002 1400 Uhr bis 11.11.2002 1400 Uhr /[Germany?] : [Elke Steiner?], [2002]

Takahashi, Rumiko, 1957- InuYasha /San Francisco, CA : Viz, LLC, c2003- vol. 27

Thorne, Frank. Ribit! /Norristown, PA : Comico the Comic Company, 1989. nos. 1-4

Uncle Phil in "Blah." /[United States?] : [s.n.], [19--]

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