Monday, June 18, 2007

I want to drop Green Arrow, but DC won't let me!

I've been reading Green Arrow on autopilot for some time now. With last week's end to the regular series I figured it would be a good place to stop, especially since I think that the upcoming GA/BC wedding is coming off as forced and completely ignores 25 years worth of character evolution with both Ollie & Dinah.

But then I see that Andy Diggle & Jock are doing the GA Year One mini-series. Certainly I can't pass up Diggle & Jock working together again! Fine, says I—I'll just read the mini and call it quits.

But now DC announces that the artist on the new Green Arrow & Black Canary series will be none other than Cliff Chiang. Curse you, DC—you know that I cannot pass up anything drawn by Cliff Chiang!

But if Chiang ever leaves as the regular artist, I swear I'm dropping the book...

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